In Memory Of Paul Crabtree

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The Bike Guy from 'Bama

Paul Crabtree, of Holly Pond Alabama, was a strong advocate for Motorized-Bicycles, and was an instrumental force in the recent surge in their popularity. He rode his MB's everywhere, and was living proof that there is still a frontier out there.

Ultimately, it was Paul's direct prompting that finally got me out there, too. Paul passed away before I hit the road, and it was a blow for me...I never met him in real-life, tho it was in the plan, but he stays with me through his writings, particularly my favorite MBquote of all times:

"Even looking at a map takes on a different feeling, than it did in our pre-MB years."

The Bike Guy from 'Bama was a cool cat, and a modern hero of the Motorsport. I miss him.

A copy of his Obituary can be found here.

The original "Motorize a Bicycle" news-video.