Alaskan Adventure

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Destination: Haines AK, & all Points in Between

UPDATE 03-27-2011:

Last May, I headed north from Ocean Park WA on Sabrina2 for Bellingham WA , with the intent of boarding the ferry for Alaska. I spent about 5 weeks touring and camping in WA, and I arrived in Juneau AK in mid-June, and then onto another ferry to Haines during the first week of July. Three beautiful months in Haines and then back to Juneau. I wintered in Juneau, and will be boarding the ferry for Bellingham early April.

Ocean Park to Bellingham, ~400 miles + 250 miles of local touring.

Click here to see the Washington route in a new window. 

The Alaskan Adventure started with prompting from a few long-time internet-friends who have become life-long real-life friends...without them I would have carried the regret of not visiting Alaska with me forever. And without the support of other internet-compadres at crucial moments, and new real-life friends scattered all along the route, my own best efforts to see Alaska would have fallen short. This journey has actually been a series of journeys, and an experience I'll never forget.

Everyone who's taken part rides with me in my heart.

Thank You all.


Haines Arrival, July 2011

Clinking beers with Van.

1st-Ever Haines MB Rally

MB'ing in Juneau

Good buddy Jimmy, and his gal Cindy, with her new Pedago...sweet.

3 Amigos...Van visited us from Haines for a final hurrah. This is the best pic of Denny EVER!

Van and his Lifan/Tadpole, a machine to be reckoned with...but she does have a soft side.

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Denny & Jimmy, up from Juneau for a ride.