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The first motored vehicle (of any kind) to cross the United States coast-to-coast was a Motorized Bicycle, ridden by George Wyman in 1903...San Francisco to New York in 50 days.

Personally, I think that's very cool Cool

Hello, I'm Augie Deabler, and I'm a Motor-Assisted Bicyclist. I've been doing this for several years now, and I've had some great adventures. Use the links on the left to see a sampling of the stuff I've done.

Mr. Wyman's "Across America on a Motor Bicycle" can be found on our new forum.

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I've opened a not-for-profit MB Forum so my friends and visitors can ads, no sales, no spam, just bikes & people.


10-2012: An Un-Solicited Bump for Some Good Friends

Throughout my MaB career, I've focused on the potential of the Motorsport, and have had quite a hard time with those who were only interested in making a buck off my endeavors & adventures, internet-wise.

And that's why I finally "retired" and just rode.

This site hasn't been active in some time, I'm mostly over on the new private forum sharing a common interest with a few select individuals.

When i come back in here and look around, I relive it all, and every time I do I realize no way any of it could have happened without Golden Eagle, both the system itself and the people who developed, sell, and support it.

I am NOT financially affiliated, but i heartedly recommend the Golden Eagle Bike Engine as the best Universal Gas Powered Bicycle-Assist Kit going. Period. If it's legal to use an ICE on a bicycle where you live, do yourself a favor and check out

Everything you see me doing on this site was done with either a 33cc or 40cc Tanaka/GEBE system.

 And that's all I have to say about that.

Den, Juls, and family...thank you, it was one heck of a ride.



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