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To be up-front, I'm Bi-Polar/PTSD...Mom was violent, I bear the burdens. Socially, it gets messy sometimes, I deal with it best I can, I wish others would try harder.

Now in my mid 50's, I live on the modest Social Security benefits I'd contributed to in my earlier years. It's been just enough for a small room and vittles, and I am grateful. I try to stay out of the way & cause no harm, and the local economy always gets all the money. In return for my service in the US Navy during the Cold War, I receive good healthcare through Veteran's Affairs. Overall, I've been a pretty cheap date. The lifestyle works, but it's boring. Be assured, I am not living large. It is, however, what it is. Being nomadic in nature helps, and I've lived my single-room lifestyle all over The United States, so there is that to say for it, i guess.

In 2006, I built the 1st version of Sabrina2, my Motorized Bicycle, because it fit my budget and it fit the area I was living in. Online, as co-creator & admin of a popular MotoredBike forum, I became heavily involved with promoting the Motorsport as a Solution. To me, like most new enthusiasts, Motored Biking had been an overnite sensation, but I was learning that the Motor-Assisted-Bicycle has a rich history, too. With that revelation, I was all-in. If I explain that I'm both a gearhead and a student of positive Americana, I think you will understand. The organizational & promotional "work" came easy, because I had the time and enthusiasm, and because it was internet enhancing real-life instead of internet being real-life. For a person with my social impairments, this was win/win. And the Bike gave me a life outside of my room, in the real world.

Boy, for two years, did we ever do some stuff...locally, Ocean Park WA, we always had something going on. Due to some serious online promotion, we were blessed with regular visits from other Motorized Bicyclists living in the Pacific Northwest, and in 2008 we hosted the first "National" Motorized Bicycle Rally & attracted 29 riders from 4 states, including Alaska. Getting Sabrina2 to the Utah Salt Flats required a lot of involvement from both local talent & internet contribution, and altho Motor-Assisted-Bicycles were nothing new to the folks at Bonneville, having a 50cc/under MB officially enter & get in line with the big-boys was a first.

During those two wild & crazy years, we received and evaluated sample engines & drives from various suppliers, and passed what we learned onto the MBconsumer. After running several versions of what I called the "Super Bicycle Happy Time" (yup, that's where "HT" came from) we discovered Golden Eagle Bike Engines, and that was the end of that. Now I ride instead of repair.

We also helped brainstorm innovations & prototypes, established minimum strength & safety standards for bicyles with power-assist, envisioned & encouraged the advent of a supportive aftermarket, and we tried as much as possible to help steer this "new" movement in a (socially & legally) self-sustaining direction.

How did all that go? Eehh, sometimes very good, sometimes pretty bad, sometimes quite ugly...the Interbent can be a hostile & predatory environment. Since I wasn't being about money, and my views on Motorized Bicycling are narrow, I didn't exactly fit in very well...I prefer to focus on the slice of mechanical evolution that is the Motor Assisted Bicycle, and I am not much interested in being associated with the posers on their fake (and illegal) motorcycles. Unfortunately, these toy "choppers" & "boardtrackers" (oh, please) account for a large majority, and the atmosphere has become one of blatant lack of regard for a Greater Good. It's my opinion that the widespread abuse of the legal, mechanical, and social definitions of a Motorized Bicycle will eventually prove detrimental to the future of the motorsport...if you need more than 50cc/30mph ON-road, please get a real Motorcycle, before you screw things up for the MB'ers who are more than hobbyists. I don't care what you ride OFF-road.

Although my views were unpopular, our activities were very productive...a new enthusiast would have no clue, of course, but the results of our consumer advocacy permeate the MB'ing industry to this day. Besides, it was tons-o-fun to be at the center of something so cool, so it was worth taking a few knocks now & then.

After doing a lot of great MB'ing, and wanting more, I began to ponder an option. Can I continue my roaming astride a Motorized-Bicycle? I thought yes, but only with serious planning. About a year later, finally, I was ready for launch. And this personal site is my scrapbook, for to show people I meet along the way what I have done, and what I am doing. From now on, I'll just go from room to room on Sabrina2 instead of Greyhound or Amtrak . And plenty of interesting people & places in between, too.

UPDATE June 2012: well, it's happening...state after state is reconsidering it's Motorized Bicycle laws, some are going too require registration license insurance, while some are completely removing the vehicle class...and "i told you so" isn't providing me any comfort...way to go, guys.